Why Lief?

We work directly with artisans to bring their creations into your home.

Lief designs a curated collection of home-wares, women’s wear and baby clothing made from artisan produced ethical fabrics. Lief exclusively uses feel-good cotton and natural fibres.

All of Lief’s products are made by hand from the weaving of the fabrics right through to the construction. We maintain close relationships with the makers who collaborate with us to create Lief. We only partner with makers who meet our sound ethical and safety standards.

We work with artisans from Sri Lanka, Vietnam, South Africa, and makers locally in Australia.

​We are dedicated to living our lives with love and connecting our home with beautiful handcrafted pieces that have integrity. We are committed to transparent and sustainable manufacturing that empowers and enables artisans to continue working in their traditional craft.  

We live in what can be a wasteful society and need to work against the grain to become more intentional and mindful of our buying habits. Buying a $5 cushion should make us consider the consequences associated with mass production. More often than not these price points go hand in hand with unethical labour and unsafe working environments - something has been sacrificed.  

Lief is for women who appreciate good ethics and quality, without having to compromise on style.

 “It is rewarding to know that what you wear and have in your home is crafted ethically, with skill and love. It is a privilege to design unique pieces that I know will be appreciated for years to come.” Manon, Lief founder.