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7 easy steps to make your house a home.

7 easy steps to make your house homey?

Have you ever walked into someone’s home and immediately felt at ease? Where the house just feels really homey and you imagine yourself living there.

When I say ‘homey’, I don’t mean your grandma’s cottage-vibes (unless your grandma has impeccable taste, which in that case, is exactly what I mean).

The ‘homey’ I’m talking about is the type of feeling you get when you feel at ease in a space. It’s the difference between the feeling of a hotel room and an Airbnb… are you starting to get the picture?

My husband and I recently moved house and I couldn’t wait to get nesting. We had some furniture items (most of them second-hand that I’m in the process of painting), some basic kitchen accessories, and a few special home-wares we’ve collected over the years while traveling. But once everything was in its place, it still didn’t feel complete. It felt a bit cold and impersonal.

We were lucky enough to find a newly renovated house, so it’s modern, clean, fresh, and beautiful. But it lacked personality.

So after some deliberating, imagining, re-imagining and lots of moving things from one room to the other, here are my 7 (easy) steps to turn your house into a home.

1. Rugs

Not only will rugs break the worst cold during winter, but it’s also an excellent way to bring some texture, colour and dimension into a room.

People mostly opt for a neutral coloured rug, but feel free to play with colour if that suits your personality. You will be surprised at what an amazing impact a bright coloured rug can have in a room.

2. Cushions, throws, textures

Making a place cosy is all about textures. Cushions and throws are a great way to introduce soft textures and splashes of colour. Cushions instantly make a room appear more comfortable. It’s also a really simple way to change your décor to go with the seasons. During winter months we tend to go for a more textured, chunky throw, while in summer we will opt for something with a smoother finish.

3. Fresh flowers and/or plants.

My mother taught me to always have a vase of fresh flowers in your house.

It doesn’t have to be a big, expensive bunch. It can be a few wildflowers or something you’ve picked out of your garden.

My absolute favourite are gerberas. They look great in a bunch or as a single flower in a pretty vase.

Houseplants have been popular for a few years now, and if you have green fingers, why not try a few in your home?

Flowers and plants are just an easy way to bring the outdoors inside. I have read that flowers in your home can increase concentration and creativity and lifts the mood, so why not try it?

4. Art and photos

Image 1: Family home 2: Homes to Love magazine Image 3: Etsy

Art and photos bring that personal, relational side to your space.

Art is very personal, so definitely only go for what you love. It doesn’t always have to be a painting or print. It can be a sculpture, wall hanging, or even interesting pieces of furniture. But if your walls are blank, art and photos can definitely complete your space. Try out a gallery wall if you have multiple smaller pieces, or why not opt for one big print or painting?

You can even try and make a piece of abstract art yourself if you don’t want to spend money on paintings.

5. Candles

This is probably an obvious one, and another item that has taken popular culture by storm.

Candles definitely bring a different atmosphere to a room. And with all the scented candles available, you can really pick and choose what suits your mood. Scent is an incredible way to bring back memories or to create just the right mood. Sweeter scents such as vanilla, caramel and coffee remind you of cosy winter nights or home-baked cookies. Fresh floral or fruity scents can be energising and perfect for spring or summer months.

If you are not a scented candle fan, that’s totally fine too! A variety of candle heights and shapes can create a beautiful centrepiece on a coffee table. Play around with candle holders that suit your style.

6. Baskets/containers for organising

A clean and tidy home will always feel (and look) better than a cluttered home. It can be difficult to hide certain clutter, especially pesky Wi-Fi modems or other electronic devices with lots of cables. An easy solution is baskets or containers. You can find a variety of containers in all shapes and sizes, so have fun and maybe even make some of them a feature.

7. Lamps/lighting.

I cannot stress enough what a difference the correct lighting can make.

A lamp isn’t just for your desk or your bedside table. You get floor lamps and table lamps so get creative and play around with different shades.

There’s no rule to the amount of lamps you can have in a room. I know people with lamps even in their kitchen! They almost never turn on their downlights.

Opt for a warmer coloured globe. It will create a cosy, warm atmosphere.

A combination of these things will definitely make your house feel more like a home.

You don’t have to overdo it. Go with what you like and what your style is. Don’t be afraid to be playful and to bring in pops of colour.

One very important thing I need to mention: the images of interiors you see in magazines, Pinterest and Instagram are all styled shots. The rooms have been cleaned and styled to get that perfect shot. It’s great to use these images as inspiration and definitely important to keep your space clean and tidy, but remember that you also have to live in your space. It will get messy, old tea cups and plates with crumbs on them will eventually stand on a counter somewhere, it won’t always look picture perfect, and that’s ok too!

The most important thing is that you create a home. Somewhere you can feel at ease and safe. Somewhere you can be yourself and someplace you enjoy spending time in.

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