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Winter home, Summer home - How to style your home with the seasons.

A blog post by our guest: Ida Havemann, Interior stylist and home stager from Alida at Home.

My Winter Home; My Summer Home

How awesome it is to be invited as a guest on this beautiful blog of Manon and Anke @ Lief the label. Thank you for having me!

If you are anything like me, well, then you probably enjoy changing things up once in a while. Especially when the seasons change and all of a sudden you want a different feeling in your home! As soon as that first crisp fall day hits (or on the flip side: the first time you throw all your windows open in the spring), I get hit with a burst of creative inspiration. Ideas jump out at me from nature, books, magazines, Pinterest, Instagram, shopping or just by visiting someone else's home. I'm always on the lookout for fresh new ideas - wow, people are amazingly creative and talented!

Stores and magazines inspire us with what is new for the next season. It's fun to go and see all the new decorations that fill you with creative ideas. Some years I will give in and spend a little on a new item, but most of the time I am amazed by what I can do with what I already have.

  • Small props can make a big difference.

I have a shelf or two in a cupboard with summer and winter props. Things like vases, candleholders, candles, (lots of candles for the cold winter months!) baskets, small accessories, as well as covers for my throw cushions. I like to change up my items for every new season. Cushions in the summer gets a cooler colour sleeve and winter is softer and warmer tones. I prefer to use natural fabrics like linen, cotton or wool. In my linen closet, I keep fluffy winter blankets, throws and a few sheepskins to cozy things up for the cold winter months. You could even roll up and store your living room rug during the summer and bring it back for the winter months. I change some of our smaller prints in our home with clean crisp looking prints for summer and winter theme ones for the colder months.

  • And then there are books.

To me books are life. I love books. I cannot imagine life without books. To read, to look at, to page through for inspiration, to learn from. But also to decorate with. On bookshelves, in baskets, stacked on the floor under my coffee table and some awesome ones on display. I stack them to make my table lamp look higher or to display an item that is special to me. During the summer months, I like books or magazines with beautiful inspiring summer prints open on display, on my coffee table, on my front hall table, or even on my dining room table (if there is room for it). During winter I change it up a little with yummy comfort food pictures or wintery landscapes.

The creative opportunities with books are endless but be careful not to overdo it, it should never look stuffy or cluttered. Keep it simple.

  • Then something fresh!

Decorating with something fresh is a lot of fun. Use what you can from your garden, otherwise flower shops have beautiful seasonal choices too. It doesn't have to be a big bunch or be expensive. Sometimes one flower in a vase will do the trick. A few green leaves in a clear glass vase look fresh and summery. Add a big bowl filled with fresh fruit and you have an instant splash of colour in your home. In winter I love to decorate with evergreens (I live in Canada and winter evergreens are plentiful, they smell so good and last for a long time), use whatever is in season where you live. I also like to use pinecones in a basket or a beautiful bowl filled with nuts, and oranges in the fall. Use what you have available to you. If you live close to the ocean you can use seashells and driftwood that you find on the beach. Nature's colourful decorations all make for beautiful pieces of art.

In the end, it is all about having fun!

Enjoy your home; enjoy the seasons.

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