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Our studio...

We would like to introduce you to our little studio in Perth, Australia. This is where we spend a lot of our time, and I mean a LOT. But we love it. It is a little messy, a little chaotic at times, yet it says so much of who we are.

Like most creatives, our space greatly influences how we feel and stimulates our creativity. It's weird how it works. Usually when our space is clean and tidy (tidy being a relative term), our thoughts seem tidy and we are less frazzled. Yet, when our studio is messy and chaotic, we feel a bit chaotic inside.

Both of us love moving things around. Our husbands are used to walking into the house and not recognising a room. For some reason we both always choose to move things when our husbands are away (I probably learnt that from mom). I think we are like that because we get bored easily and love trying out new things. Do any of you have the same problem?

We move and sort our studio probably once every 6 months or so. Sometimes it's a small change, sometimes the whole studio gets turned upside-down. And every time we move, we say "I think this is the best layout", completely forgetting that we said the exact same thing 6 months ago.

Our studio isn't 'Instagram perfect', but then again, what in the real world is? We love spending time in here because it means we are busy creating something. You will usually hear some music or a podcast playing, the humm of sewing machines and the swoosh of our steam iron.

This is where we feel completely at home, and where we make things for your home. So when you receive something from Lief, know that it is made with a lot of love, from our home to yours.

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