Newborn Deluxe

Newborn Deluxe

Our newborn deluxe gift pack is the ultimate gift for a new mumma. The pack includes a contoured burp cloth, nappy wallet, multi-use feeding cover, bamboo swaddle blanket and a pair of Veldties T-bars. They come in 3 different colour options: Yellow, Navy or pink with native Australian botanical prints. These items are all made from quality natural fabrics (cotton, the softest bamboo and leather).


Ethically made in Australia and South Africa.


    Wallet and burp cloth material: 100% cotton

    Shoes material: 100% leather

    Multi-use cover and swaddle blanket: 96% Bamboo, 4% elastane

  • Specs:

    Contoured Burp Cloth: 70cm x 20cm

    Nappy wallet: 25cm x 17cm

    Bamboo swaddle blanket: 100cm x 100cm

Wallet and cloth colour
Shoe colour